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We operate in international trade by facilitating transactions related to trading activities, transportation, logistics and customs procedures.


The professionals who make up our team have wide experience in logistics management and international business, and they are under constant update in order to meet, efficiently, the demands of the globalized market.


In order to ensure greater security to customers, investments in process improvements and technology have been done, besides counting on agents located in all continents.

Customs Consulting
  • Customs clearance at ports, airports and borders


  • Registration of importer and exporter with the brazilian IRS (RADAR).


  • Advising on international trade and documentation


  • Complete and optimized budget for import and export


  • Special and atypical customs procedures


  • International insurance

  • Analysis of documentation from abroad


  • Calculations and classification of taxes


  • Preparation of import license and the import declaration


  • Completed  Door-to-Door operations projects


  • Drawback, customs warehousing, temporary admission


  • Request of ex-tariff

  • Shipment Coordination and Bookings


  • Customs release;


  • International Insurance;


  • Export Register (RE) and Request for Order (SD)


  • Documents and Certificates Preparation


  • Atypical Processes

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